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Did you know that web browsers offer support for error response of teapots?

The HTTP 418 client error response code “I’m a teapot” indicates that the server refuses to brew coffee because it is, indeed, a teapot. First described in 1998, it was extended to full functionality as HTCPCP (Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol) in 2014. This protocol is an extension of HTTP that offers several new methods, such as BREW, or WHEN (to stop pouring milk into the coffee).

On the 6th August 2017, Mark Nottingham called for the removal of all references to 418 from Go, Python’s Requests and the HttpAbstractions library. Ironically, this incited an outcry of support for the April Fools’ error code, prompting the 418 code to be officially marked as a reserved HTTP status code, thus preserving it for future generations of teapots choked by requests for coffee.