We believe in taking an individual approach to you as our client, based on a clear understanding of your needs. Not sure whether your project needs an agile approach or waterfall management? Contact us and we will analyse your request or task, and suggest and discuss possible solutions so that together we can find the best option. Within our close cooperation, you will be able to control the progress of the entire project up to the completed, tested solution in line with your ideas has been delivered and accepted by you.

We are flexible and happy to meet your needs. There are two models, out of which you can choose the one that best suits you.

Do you have experience with IT projects, a clear idea of ​​the product you want, and you need to guarantee the date and price of the result?

In that case the so-called waterfall project management model may be suitable for you.

Waterfall project management model

In this model, you will be asked for the specification of the assignment at the beginning, all the other stages will be our responsibility, which will result in the delivery of the verified software to a guaranteed deadline and price. At the beginning we will, of course, thoroughly discuss your specifications and, if asked, even help you formulate the specifications.

The great advantage of this approach is rapid progress with a clear and well-documented outcome – your software. The waterfall project management model is particularly suitable for smaller and uncomplicated projects.

Do you have only a general idea of ​​what you need?

We can offer you the agile approach, in which you will set the goal and together we will find a path to it.

Agile project management approach

With this approach, it is you who defines the goal, priorities and the content of the individual implementation stages. At each stage, we will follow your schedule in close cooperation with you. The whole process is therefore focused on you as our client, and the whole product is created gradually, in increments of individual functions. If your needs change or you get a new idea during the process, it will not be a problem as this approach can adapt to changes. For project management we will choose the methodology that will best suit the type, size and complexity of your project – we can combine the approaches of lean development, test-driven development and scrum.

The agile approach gives us the advantage of close cooperation in the fulfilment of your wishes and ideas. This approach makes it possible to unravel the tangle of seemingly disparate requirements, describe an initially incomprehensible problem and arrive at a clear vision of the goal and the means to achieve it. Therefore, this approach is commonly used, especially for large and complex projects. In such a case, we can also offer the customer a “financial map” of our common journey – how, when and at what price the individual stages can be realised. To give you an even better idea of ​​the target we will be aiming for (the functions of the resulting software), we can start with the so-called Proof of Concept; implementation of a small part of your project as a sample of the future outcome.

Do you need further information? Don’t hesitate to contact us.