Our team has extensive knowledge of programming languages, databases and data processing techniques allowing us to solve complex tasks.

Python is definitely our favourite programming language. It enables rapid prototyping, the easy and efficient creation of applications, and has an infinite number of excellent libraries for all areas of application, including extensive options for work with data. We have used this language in projects to process tens of gigabytes of Excel data, analyse it and extract important information (further info here). We also use this language when creating web backends.

There is a benefit to VBA – it is available in Excel or PowerPoint. It enables easy automation of work with the existing data, its analysis, processing, creation of reports, graphs and automated creation of presentations of the outcomes (further info here).

If the above-mentioned languages ​​are not enough, we can use C++, which excels in the highest processing speed, Java and C# with their versatility, or the recently popular R language, which is excellent for working with data. The tried and tested Matlab works to our customers’ benefit for both data analysis and processing, as well as for modelling and process control.

Relational and structured data belong to the SQL database – here we can offer our long-term experience with SQL Server and PostgreSQL, or MySQL/MariaDB. We can create relational data structures with triggers, indexes and stored procedures or database APIs. Unstructured data and data with an irregular structure are preferably stored in noSQL databases, especially in Redis or MongoDB.

If your application is more complex, we can design our own specialised components and combine them into a functional unit using containerisation. You can run such an application either on your own computer or on a provider’s cloud. We can also meet the computer security requirements of such an application.

Our own algorithms – indicators and Expert Advisors – for MetaTrader, a programme designed for data analysis and trading primarily in currency pairs on Forex, are another of our subjects of interest.

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the list of our commonly used technologies? We still might have a solution for you. We are able to quickly master other technologies vital to your software. Do not hesitate to contact us.